Белый Андрей Петрович и две лошадей

Ukrainian businessperson and public figure



Since 2020
President of the Equestrian Association of Ukraine (PEL)
Since 2019
President of the Ukrainian Polo Federation
Since 2017-2020
Vice-President of the Equestrian Federation of Ukraine
Since 2016
President of the Kyiv Region Equestrian Federation
Since 2015
President of Electric Marathon International
1985 - 1991
Graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Computer Science completing a full course on Robotic Systems and Complexes
Kiev Mohyla Business School
Course "School of Strategic Architect"
Currently occupies the position of the President of the Equestrian Association of Ukraine (PEL), the main goal of which is to develop and popularize equestrian sport in Ukraine.
Since 2015 President of the EV Trophy Rally, a competition for ecological vehicles, which aims to raise public awareness of electric mobility.
Since 2011 Andriy Bilyy is actively involved into the prestigious European electric car rally Electric Marathon that is organized under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince of Monaco Albert II.
Since 2010 the chairperson of supervisory board of national pawnshop chain Chesnyy Procent.
Since 2010 the chairperson of supervisory board of Lisichansk Brewery that produced beer under brands Sich, Dusha Pivovara, Lager, etc.
In 2007 became the chairperson of supervisory board of DARL company that produced non-alcoholic drinks under brands Monastyrskyy Kvas, Kvas Danylo, Vivat, Vita, mineral waters Crystal, Zhemchuzhina Prykarpattya.
2003 to 2007 Director of production company Monastyrskyy Kvas.
1996 to 2003 President of Ukrainian-Dutch alcohol production company UDD-Company.
1993 to 1995 Head of Tinga International Corp., exclusive distributor of MARS trade-mark products, i.e. Mars, Snickers, Bounty.
1992 to 1993 Director of Delta-Comp company, major activity – wholesale food trade.
European electric vehicle rally
The first Ukrainian electric car
An annual rally that was initiated in 2011
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
The EV Trophy was organized by Electric Marathon International (Ukraine) in partnership with the European Green Cities under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.
The official opening ceremony of the EV Trophy in Copenhagen was attended by His Royal Highness Prince Joachim of Denmark, the closing and the award ceremony took place at the Palace Square in Monte Carlo in the presence of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.
Participants from Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia competed on European public roads demonstrating their driving skills, resourcefulness and ingenuity. Only having the right combination of these qualities can you become the winner of the EV Trophy.
It was a real challenge for the drivers and their team members, who drove over 2500 km and visited 6 countries in 7 days.
– European electric vehicle rally
EV Trophy
EV Trophy, European electric vehicle rally had its start in Copenhagen on 24th May 2017 and finished in Monte Carlo on 1st June.
Synchronous is the first electric car prototype fully developed and assembled in Ukraine.
- the first Ukrainian electric car
- the first Ukrainian electric car
In April 2016 the functional prototype of Synchronous was first introduced at the EVER 2016 international conference dedicated to the eco-friendly transport and renewable energy sources. In just a month, in May 2016 the first Ukrainian electric vehicle was presented in Kiev.
The prototype is designed in retro-futurism style. According to the designer Vladyslav Karpets, it was initially agreed to make it look like a vintage carriage.
In May–June 2016 the concept of Synchronous electric vehicle took part in trans-European electric vehicle rally Electric Marathon 2016 Lviv Monte Carlo.

Electric Marathon International
A company that runs electromobility projects and creates innovative solutions in the field of green vehicle engineering.
Among the company's projects are a number of electric vehicle rallies, the creation of the first prototype of the Synchronous electric car, partnership in the organization of an international forum dedicated to environmental protection.
It was created as a municipal taxi, a hotel shuttle or an excursion car.
Electric Marathon International
Electric Marathon International
Electromobile rally-marathon, held annually in Europe since 2011.

The mission declared by Electric Marathon is to attract attention of European and world's public to the environmental issues, to popularize vehicles with zero emission, as well as to facilitate the creation of electric vehicles service infrastructure in Europe.
In 2015 the official ceremony of the start of Electric Marathon took place in Kyiv. The route covered Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France and Monaco.
In 2016 Lviv became the start point of the rally. The participants of the race visited such cities and towns as Novoyavorivsk (Ukraine), Rzeszow and Wieliczka (Poland), Ostrava and Brno (Czech Republic), Samorin (Slovakia), Wiener-Neustadt, Vorchdorf and Bad Schallerbach (Austria), Munich, Ulm, Baden-Baden and Freiburg (Germany), Beckenried and Bellinzona (Switzerland), Parma, Bologna, Larderello, Pisa and Alassio (Italy), Menton (France) and Monte Carlo (Monaco).
Altogether 82 electric and hybrid cars from 10 European countries participated in the rallies. Most of the drivers joined the marathon at the separate milestones.
A company that deals with projects in the field of electromobility, innovative solutions in the field of environmentally friendly transport.
- European rally on electric vehicles
- european rally on electric vehicles
Equestrian Association of Ukraine (PEL)
EAU (PEL) unites riders, equestrian clubs, horse owners, horse breeders, everyone who works professionally in equestrian sport, amateurs, children and their parents, companies that support equestrian sport and everyone who is interested in the development of this wonderful sport.
The Association actively organizes various competitions, runs a children's program for the youngest riders, increases loyalty and interest in this sport among a wide audience.
Olympic StartUp was established in Ukraine in 2018. It is a unique educational program for riders, their coaches and parents. Riders from different clubs start their careers and prepare to compete at the national and international level thanks to this program.

The establishement of the program was initiated by the Kiev Region Equestrian Federation. Now since 2021 the Olympic StartUp is under the patronage of the Equestrian Association of Ukraine (PEL) and is becoming more and more popular in many Ukrainian equestrian clubs.

The Olympic StartUp program is developed according to European standards. By teaching children the basics of riding and developing their knowledge and skills step by step, trainers and parents can easily track their child's progress and build the training process depending on the success, circumstances, goals and capabilities of each young individual.
Olympic StartUp
The first equestrian show in Ukraine, which combines an exciting equestrian tournament with spectacular performances of the artists in the special show program. You will see the equestrian police of Kiev, stuntmen and members of creative teams, vaulters, pop artists and many others.
The guests of the festival can also spend their time in the master-class area or at the food courts, ride a horse or take a test drive of new car brands.
Kyiv Horse Show
“Equestrian” is the most interesting glossy magazine about equestrian world. Here you can find exclusive interviews with legendary athletes, professionals and specialists in various fields of the equestrian sphere, horse breeders and horse owners, officials, celebrities, the world's best creators and much more.
“Equestrian” The most interesting magazine about equestrian world
Equestrian Association of Ukraine (PEL) and “Ukrainian Horse Union” Charitable Fund have founded the platform for equestrian enthusiasts, for those who care for horses and love them with all their heart, for people who are ready to make a change.
“We named our Forum “Horse & I” for a reason. After all, it is each one of us, including myself, who must bear responsibility for the welfare of the horses and the way we treat them. Change starts with every single one of us,” said the EAU (PEL) president Andriy Bilyy when addressing the participants.
“Horse&I” The first international Forum on Equine Welfare and Ethical Horsemanship
The Ukrainian Polo Federation is an organization that aims to develop and promote polo in Ukraine. In 2019, UPF became an official member of the International Polo Federation (FIP) and signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Argentine Polo Association.
The Ukrainian Polo Federation
Andriy Bilyy. Development prospects of equestrian sport in Ukraine
How epensive is it to go in for equestrian sport in Ukraine? Buy a $10,000 stallion. Andriy Bilyy interview
Ukraine is losing a million dollar sport. Andriy Bilyy interview
Интервью в журнале Международной федерации поло (FIP) (стра.18-25)
Ukraine is losing a million dollar sport. Andriy Bilyy interview
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